congrex - egos event design

Erasmus University

microsoft - web design


bettie serveert - album sleeve and cd digipack

Bettie Serveert

vu orkest - promotional material


scribble design - portfolio - rode kruis amsterdam - tafeltje delen

Rode Kruis Amsterdam

elsevier pharma solutions - brochure

Elsevier Pharma Solutions

ripe ncc - annual report


"Scribble deliver professional, creative and world class design on a fast and flexible schedules. He has become a trusted and reliable partner for Atlassian in Europe, helping us meet unbelievable deadlines. He doesn’t just deliver what we ask for, he improves on what we ask for. I think of Scribble as an extended member of our marketing team – fun to work with, committed to excellence and always operating in a professional and upfront manner. That’s how we like to roll!”

Atlassian, Europe

"We hired Scribble to design several technical infographics to illustrate some of our services. After briefing he quickly understood the message we were trying to convey and designed some very impressive posters for us in a short amount of time. Highly communicative and reliable.”

RIPE NCC, Amsterdam

"Scribble is a problem solver and takes great pride in resolving tricky communications issues through applying his design expertise. Whilst highly creative, Scribble is also practical and client-centric – he is great at getting to the issue and bringing a different perspective. Importantly, Scribble has the discipline to get the job done within agreed time lines and budgets.”

WYSE Travel Confederation, Amsterdam

"Working with Scribble has always been a pleasure; dedication and expertise shows in his work. Clear and effective communication, and furthermore a good understanding of the desired outcome, has led to stunning results. Scribble works fast and efficient, is able to identify areas for improvement and knows how to implement them accordingly.”

Congrex, Amsterdam

"Scribble makes fresh, inviting and original design. While working together on a campaign I have got to know him as a dedicated professional. He listened to what we wanted, shared his ideas and kept communicating until the job was finished on which we only received positive feedback.”

Rode Kruis Amsterdam (Red Cross)

“It is a pleasure to work with Scribble and exceeded all my expectations on the design job he did. He asked thoughtful questions in advance, understood all the complex branding issues, and quickly developed a variety of initial concepts addressing the brief from very different – yet all quite creative and inspired – perspectives.”

Blue Arthichoke Films, San Francisco

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